Number of discs: 1
1. Shifting Paradigm 2:23
2. The World’s Whisper 6:07
3. Opalescence 3:43
4. Shine 3:52
5. Vacant 6:00
6. Heavy Rain 3:46
7. Malinger 7:02
8. Reaching The Borderline 2:08
9. Ameba 12:42
10. In Dependence 4:45
11. Veritas 2:23
Ameba is the first full length album by Readivine. Written by Raoul Rade and recorded at V-KING STUDIOS. Much as the organism the album is named after, Ameba takes on different musical forms during its 55+ running time. Going from new age soundscapes to heavy metal, sometimes during a single song. The album is a musical journey through themes of loss, love, depression, fear, hope, grief and anxiety. A personal story about finding the strength and will to change.
Some people use a diary to write everything down. I used art and music to paint a clearer picture for myself. To figure out who I was and what my purpose was in this life. I used music to feel some comfort in a world I didn’t feel connected to. To reflect and to confront my past and how I let it change me. And to redefine who I am going to be moving forward