A music piece I wrote for the artrocks competition.

Artwork by Simon Schrikker

What do you see?

If you have ever seen this ferocious red dog by Simon Schrikker (1973), it stays with you forever. It seems as if he ran straight from hell and was painted with blood.

What is it about?

“It’s always those dogs”, sighed Schrikker. Yet he keeps coming back to the dog every time. Threat, anger and laziness are all qualities of man that, according to him, become more visible in a dog’s body. Schrikker connects in a very contemporary way to the classic animal parables. His dogs symbolize the grim behavior of the human being and makes it visible in the most confrontational way.

About the artist

Simon Schrikker (1973) was born in Utrecht and followed his education at Kunstacademie Minerva in Groningen. Schrikker now lives and works in Rotterdam. The artist loves the animal combination of innocence and vigilance. The idea that paint expresses something behind reality, and that painting is alive, is essential in Schrikker’s oeuvre.