Once again I am aware of all these things that are not here
Over thinking, over analysing everything
Whisper, waiting, wondering where you might have been
Is this really who you are?
Is this who you are?

Again and again
Again I slip back to desire
Dream awake feeding my phobia
Again, again

This is not what I wanted
This is not who I am
More than a shell not worth protecting
More than this shadow of a man
I am more than a shadow of a man

This body is holding me
The voice I hear I can’t set it free
Emotions cause fear that’s numbing me and cloud my mind
There’s no way to feel alive

Give me back my life
A lie

I guess I’ll never let you go
But this can’t go on
This way I can never move on

All this time that I waste
By looking for your face
Holding on to you
So pure, yet so untrue
I’m not ready