Authentic Fake

Young Blood Initiative

Wilhelmina Pakhuis, Amsterdam
The Corridor Project Space
Authentic Fake

The Hyperreal – reality is no longer real

The Authentic Fake is the culmination of a programme exploring the nature of reality. After looking into the way we receive and decipher sensorial information in Decoding Sensations and diving into altered states of consciousness with [IN]sane, we are turning our eyes to the world of hyperreality.

“ All that was once directly lived has become mere representation” – Guy Debord, The Society of Spectacle

The idea of reality and fiction seamlessly blended together to the point where human consciousness is no longer able to distinguish between the two is not new. One can argue that Plato’s allegory of the cave was already dealing with the problem of differentiating between reality and appearance, but we can definitely say that this subject is becoming more important with the growth of technological advances that are designed to mediate our experience with the world and are indeed creating a new social reality.

This is what our title refers to. The Authentic Fake is the way theorist Umberto Eco has described hyperreality and the frenetic efforts to fabricate ‘real’ experiences by creating fake environments that aim to be even better than the real thing. According to Eco, these ‘absolutely fake’ usually has the goal of making us into better consumers, but we can also see how artists and creatives have adopted the methods and tools of hyperreality to explore its meaning, potential and possible consequences. So for this occasion, we are asking you to jump into the world of the hyperreal, working in the liminal space between reality and simulations, where the real and the re-creation blend and the boundaries between physical existence and virtual worlds are blurred.