A personal song dealing with depression, obsessive desires and the feeling of being trapped within your own mind. In other words; things that keep us from letting our true selves and our true potential shine through..

This body is holding me
The voice I hear I can’t set it free
Emotions cause fear that’s numbing me and cloud my mind
There’s no way to feel alive

Shine is one the songs on the album that got trimmed down to keep it short and punchy. There’s a whole mid-section that got cut to keep it from dragging on. But nothing else changed much in the music and structure from when it was written and when it was recorded, except for some of the vocal melodies. The goal for the song was to keep it moving and to stay away from using typical song structures. The whole song is basically full of variations on the same riff. But it only ever returns to the opening main riff at the very end of the song.

This hard hitting track is part of the full length album AMEBA.